St. Agnes Social Groups

St. Agnes Couple's Bridge Group

St. Agnes Couple's Bridge Group is currently looking for new members. The group plays once a month for a period of nine months. Anyone interested in joining the group, please contact Kathy and Bob Sherman at 787-3922.

Young at Heart

A social group which provides a variety of opportunities for fellowship, friendship and support among mature parishioners (45ish and older), single or married, with a goal of meeting and getting to know fellow parishioners. There are no dues and anyone is welcome at any time to make suggestions and become involved in planning the various activities (i.e. Potlucks, Grapevine Social and Other Activities).

Current Officers

Roslyn Brookens
Phone: 217-622-6299

Jane Locascio
Phone: 217-306-3037

Sue Hartl
Phone: 217-787-5849

Carrie Becker
Phone: 217-787-6823

Public Relations
Cliff Erwin
Phone: 217-787-7017

Committee Contacts

Pot Luck

Barb Kern
Phone: 217-546-7729

Grapevine Social

Maureen Farmer
Phone: 217-793-0772

Rita King
Phone: 217-793-7686

Roslyn Brookens
Phone: 217-622-6299


Bev Dillon
Phone: 217-494-9750